Our local communities want a safer, greener, and easier way to access destination locations along Highway 1. Here’s the plan:

SAFER off-highway parking solutions

  • ✅ Make permanent the pilot ordinance for no parking on the east side of Highway 1 near Point Lobos.
  • Develop distributed parking at Marathon Flats near the Crossroads Shopping Center and at the Rancho Cañada unit of Palo Corona Regional Park.
  • Designate these parking areas for visitors using ParkIT! Shuttles to allow easy access to public parklands.
  • Remove at least 100 parking spaces on the west side of Highway 1 near Point Lobos, once alternative parking at the Reserve or at Point Lobos Ranch becomes available.


GREENER accessible transportation solutions

  • The initial shuttle stops will be at Rancho Cañada unit of Palo Corona Regional Park, San Jose Creek Trail, and Point Lobos State Natural Reserve with hopes to expand services southward.
  • Develop a shuttle service as alternative transportation between these distributed parking locations and key destinations.
  • Protect natural resources and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


EASIER parklands access for all

  • Improve equitable access by implementing access programs to ensure that everyone, no matter their circumstances, can enter parklands.
  • Provide direct-to-coast transportation access vs 1-1.5 walk in access that can be prohibitive to limited mobility individuals.
  • Spread out the crowds of visitors through targeted public outreach and a day-use reservation system.
  • Encourage spontaneous visits for locals and visitors through day-of reservation block releases.
  • Promote weekday visits and under-utilized or newly opened parklands — reducing the numbers on weekends and holidays and boost weekday visits.


Local Leaders Agree

    Local planning documents support the ParkIT! solution:
    "Public input during General Plan preparation identified important priorities, including circulation, parking, and access improvements that reduce reliance on personal autos for park access and thus decrease traffic congestion on SR1;"
    Carmel Area State Parks General Plan (2021)
    "When parking is removed from an area causing resource impacts, provide transportation enhancements that offer sustainable visitor accessibility opportunities and better distribute visitor use, with options that may include relocated parking, internal transit or park shuttle service, and/or alternative conveyance means."
    Carmel Area State Parks General Plan (2021)
    "Big Sur is experiencing a travel boom from international and other markets that experts predict will take 20 years to peak."
    Caltrans Big Sur Highway 1 Sustainable Transportation Demand Management Plan (2020)