Phase 1: We are working to solve the escalating parking and traffic threat on the Highway 1 corridor directly outside of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve (PLSNR).

We estimate that there are currently 250 plus parking spots being turned twice daily on peak days on the shoulder of Highway 1 West. That’s 500 plus cars pulling in and out of traffic, making illegal u-turns, as well as pedestrians making their way from their cars along the highway to the entrance of Point Lobos. 

ParkIT! has successfully increased public safety by facilitating the removal of Hwy1 East side parking – eliminating pedestrians crossing the highway to get to PLSNR. Now, our goal is to design a reservation and shuttle system that allows for increased access, flexibility, and an element of ease so visitors can continue to enjoy this crown jewel of the California State Parks system in a safer, less impactful manner. In addition, a shuttle will allow for visitors to be directly transported to the coastline instead of the mile plus walk from the highway that now may prove prohibitive to families and people with physical limitations. 

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"We tried to visit Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, but the parking lot was full and my elderly mother could not reach the ADA trails if we had to walk in from the highway."
Resident of Monterey

"The large visitor loads are over-taxing facilities and infrastructure, and causing irrevocable damage to fragile natural resources unique to our Central California Coast, such as the endangered Monterey cypress. Dispersing visitor use and parking will help protect the Reserve."
Point Lobos Foundation Representative

"We never thought this level of congestion was even possible. It is dangerous to drive to and from the grocery store, and it is near impossible to enjoy the parks nearest to where I live with my young family."
Resident of Carmel