Project Goals and Elements

The following are descriptions of the envisioned project Goals and elements.

Create SAFER, off-highway parking solutions to improve public safety

Develop distributed parking at Marathon Flats near the Crossroads Shopping Center and at the Rancho Cañada unit of Palo Corona Regional Park.

Designate these parking areas for visitors using ParkIT! Shuttles to allow easy access to public parklands.

Make permanent the pilot ordinance for no-parking on the east side of Highway 1 near Point Lobos. COMPLETE!

Remove parking on the west side of Highway 1 near Point Lobos, once alternative parking at the Reserve or at Point Lobos Ranch becomes available.

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Create GREENER, accessible transportation solutions to protect natural resources and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Develop a shuttle service as alternative transportation between these distributed parking locations and key destinations.

The initial shuttle stops will be at Rancho Cañada unit of Palo Corona Regional Park, San Jose Creek Trail, and Point Lobos State Natural Reserve with hopes to expand services southward.

Create EASIER PARKLANDS ACCESS for all to optimize and enhance visitor experience

Improve equitable access by implementing incentive programs to ensure that everyone, no matter their circumstances, can access parklands.

Spread out the crowds of visitors through targeted public outreach and a day-use reservation system.

Promote weekday visits and under-utilized or newly opened parklands--reducing the numbers on weekends and holidays and boost weekday visits.

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Future Goals of ParkIT!

Additional off-highway parking at Point Lobos Ranch

Under-the-highway pedestrian passageway between Point Lobos Ranch and Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Active Transportation (such as biking, hiking) access with a multi-use trail system from Carmel to Point Lobos

Roundabout at the entrance of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Increase shuttle service southward into Big Sur along the Highway 1 corridor

Join us as we develop a safer, greener, and easier way to access the parklands and vistas of the Carmel to Big Sur region.

Please contact us to let us know you support the project or to inquire about a role you might be able to fill. We look forward to hearing from you!

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